Monday, 1 February 2016

Denmark? What Denmark?

Illustration: Steve Bell 2016 @ The Guardian

"When he fled to Denmark from Afghanistan a few weeks ago after Islamists burned down his home, Najibullah did not expect to find a new threat to his belongings.
Denmark’s new law stripping refugees of cash and valuables is “so strange”, says the 24-year-old, who has just 400 krone (£40) to his name...
.... The transformation of Denmark’s reputation has been rapid. From a nation that tops global indices as the happiest in the world, is green and democratic, and a leader in humans rights and welfare provision, a new, more negative narrative is now emerging..."
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By then, I thought she was in good hands.
September 2015. The Hufington Post

People are not coming here just for fun, they have enormous problems at home. When I decided to flee Afghanistan, I didn’t chose a country to go to because it’s nice or rich, I just came here to be safe, to live. We have only a little money, but we need it to live, to start a new life with that money.
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Refugees entering Serbia from Macedonia.
D. Vojinovic/AP@The Guardian